17 DIY Upside-Down Planter Ideas

Make upside down planters to create vertical space and interest in your small garden. Here are the 17 DIY Upside Down Planter Ideas with tutorials!

1. Hanging Leafy Plant

Upcycle a soda bottle to make an upside-down planter for any leafy plant! You can plant a variety of plants in this planter. Here’s the tutorial.

2. 5-Gallon Tomato Planter

Create an upside-down planter to grow tomatoes easily using a 5-gallon bucket with a lid and a few more supplies. Check out this informative article to know everything about the project in detail.

3. Recycled Upside Down Planters

The world is taking measures to decrease plastic waste, contribute your part by recycling plastic bottles to make fun and easy DIY upside-down planters.

4. Hanging Tomato Planter

Hanging planters can be made out of almost anything, use plastic containers to recreate this upside down tomato planter project. Visit here.

5. Kitty Litter Bucket Planter

Transform kitty litter buckets into something planter for growing vining plants. Get the directions here.

6. Upside-down Tomatoes

If garden space is an issue, try this inverted planter idea by garden therapy! It saves a lot of space and works great for fruitful harvest!

7. Plastic Bottle Planter

Create a topsy turvy planter using bottles, planting essentials, duct tape, twine and few other supplies. Find the DIY here.

8. Bottle Planter

DIY an upside down tomato planter using a two-liter soda bottle or a milk jug. Take inspiration from the article available at the Apartment Therapy!

9. Topsy Turvy Planter

Find the right container and complete this tomato planter project! You’ll find the tutorial at WikiHow.

10. How to Grow Vegetables Upside Down

This DIY planter project is done by the Howcast; it’s easy and fun to create!

11. Hanging Herb Planter

Make your indoor herb garden more creative and attractive with these hanging planter ideas! Grab a Califia bottle and follow these steps.

12. Strawberries Upside Down

Growing strawberries upside-down can be an option, check out the detailed guide here.

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13. DIY Tomato Planter

Follow this link to get the how-to of growing tomatoes upside-down! It is not different from the other projects in this list.

14. Bucket Planter

Grow herbs, tomatoes or other nightshade family plants upside-down by recycling plastic buckets! Here is the idea.

15. Homemade Upside-Down Planter

Like any other topsy turvy planter, you can create this one easily too! We found the idea here.

16. 10 Upside-Down Planters

Take inspiration from these 10 interesting ways to create topsy-turvy planters! This way you can grow more plants in less space. Click here for the post.

17. Ikea Planting Bag Planter

Use the IKEA planter bags in an entirely different way by creating upside down planters. Find the tutorial here!