16 Tips to Better Flower Bouquets

For Style…

1. As a general rule, a bouquet should be about three times as tall as its vase.

2. Use blooms for both height and width.

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3. Start creating the bouquet in your hand.

4. Give it a focal point—include three or five of the main flower type.

5. Add long foliage or branches for width and structure.

6. Keep turning the bouquet and add smaller complementary flowers.

7. Place in the vase and fill in as needed.

8. Keep a variety of vases on hand to match the mood of your mix.

Snazz up your vase by using a rope.

9. Go beyond flowers and complement blooms with foliage, stems, berries and buds that add interest with texture and color.

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For Longer Life…

10. Trim flowers early in the morning so they last longer.

11. Angle the cut so your flowers can soak up more water.

12. Forget foliage: Below the water line, trim off any leaves from the stems only.

13. Change the water. If you have a hard time remembering, do it daily.

14. Warm is best. Skip cold water or hot water, and change the water every couple of days.

15. Get rid of those spent deadhead flowers right away.

16. Keep it cool: Resist putting a bouquet of flowers in direct sunlight.

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