15 adorable garden house ideas with traditional and modern designs

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The garden house is one of the most popular buildings and can have a variety of functions. It can be used for storage or can serve as a small workshop, but is primarily intended for storage of garden tools and accessories.

Modern garden houses with beautiful appearance are suitable for a comfortable stay and are often used for recreation.

Garden house ideas and functions

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Most often for the construction of a garden house natural materials like wood and stone are used. Natural materials make these constructions visually appealing and aloe them to retain the heat well in the cold season, and the pleasant coolness during the summer heat. Many people choose to build such a house in their garden for one very important reason – they are compact, easy to assemble and come at an acceptable cost.

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Sheds and small houses in the garden are especially favorite to children and it will be a great pleasure to indulge in games and spend time on their own small territory with their friends. A great advantage is the fact that a garden playhouse is perfectly safe for the children and if you could have a safe place outdoors for your kids, the small house in the garden would be the perfect solution.

Garden house ideas, designs and styles

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A garden house often becomes an addition to the main house and a place for spending time talking with family or having a breakfast outdoors. Some modern garden houses can accommodate overnight visitors and then they’d be a wonderful guest house. Of course, the function depends on the size and the interior. Beautiful cottages in Victorian style would be a jewel in your garden design.


Garden sheds ideas colorful flowers outdoor furniture

A traditional wooden house with a small veranda will look absolutely fabulous, especially if you add some blooming flowers and cute outdoor furniture. Enjoy the gallery and get inspired for your own garden house.

Garden houses have compact design

traditional garden shed design wooden sheds garden design

A garden shed can have various functions

traditional garage and shed garden house ideas double doors

Wooden houses add charm to the garden design

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Modern garden house design with glass walls

modern garden house metal construction guest house ideas

A perfect decoration for the garden

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The perfect place to spend time with family outdoors

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Garden design ideas classic style paving stones garden path

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