13 Super Interesting DIY Garden Globes Ideas With Tutorials

Find out the 13 affordable, interesting, and easy to do DIY Garden Globes Ideas available in this post with the tutorials!

1. Concrete Spheres

Style your garden with these decorative garden balls. You’ll need quick-setting concrete, light covers, non-stick cooking spray and of course the directions, which are available here!

2. Moss Covered Ball

Attach sheet moss on styrofoam balls and then wrap twine or string around the ball, it’s simple! Check out this tutorial for more information.

3. Garden Ornaments

Here are four distinctive recipes to create a globe for your garden. These garden globe recipes are inexpensive, easy and turn out to be a great garden ornament!

4. Gazing Ball

Turn a simple looking bowling ball into a gazing ball to serve as a garden ornament. We found the idea here.

5. Garden Globes

If you collect stones and marbles more often, chances are that you will fall for this project. The directions are here.

6. Faux Glass Gazing Ball

Decorate a spot in your garden by placing these gazing balls. Use faux glass, glue, and smooth foam to complete the project available here.

7. Miniature Gazing Balls

Make these color-coordinated gazing balls for your miniature garden or fairy garden. To make these balls, follow the tutorial available at Garden Therapy.

8. DIY Gazing Ball

Paint a clear glass shade using a fine coating of mirror finish spray paint. All the necessary steps are available here.

9. Mirrored Gazing Ball

How about turning old bowling balls into these cool looking mirrored gazing ball? Try this inexpensive and easy DIY with this tutorial.

10. Penny Ball

This penny garden ball is exceptional and requires a lot of DIY skills! The well-explained how-to is here.

11. Garden Sphere

Another concrete sphere project for you to follow. Watch the tutorial video here!

12. Wired Gazing Ball

How about adding an artistic touch to your garden by creating these gazing balls out of plastic keepsake balls? Get the directions here.

13. DIY Wire Garden Globes

Use galvanized steel wires to make these attractive globes for your garden or porch! The tutorial is here.