12 Clever Holiday Decor Storage Hacks

Photo By: Laura Russell

Photo By: Laura Russell

Photo By: Jenny Dix

Photo By: Kim Christensen

Photo By: Karen Way

Photo By: Jill Nystul

Photo By: The Chic Site with Rachel Hollis

Photo By: Christina Roy

Photo By: Alissa Ditta

Photo By: Caren Baginski

Photo By: Whitney Mier

Photo By: Crystal Sixta

Apples to Ornaments

Forgo an expensive, compartmentalized ornament box by stashing round ornaments in plastic apple containers. Blogger Laura Russell of Make Life Lovely says they take up less space than the ornaments’ original boxes and are a great way to reuse plastic that otherwise gets tossed.

Eggs-celent Ornament Storage

Tiny round ornaments fit perfectly in reusable egg cartons. Save your cartons from the trash to save your precious ornaments from breaking with this clever idea from Laura Russell of Make Life Lovely.

Tie Up Loose Ends

All that leftover ribbon from presents received and given? Snatch up loose bits and fold them neatly in a shoebox for instant color-coordinated gratification. Bonus: Easily spot the color you need for next year’s gifting. This holiday hack courtesy of blogger Jenny Dix of The Contemplative Creative.

That’s a Wrap

Tired of untangling holiday light strands year after year? Wrap them around cardboard like Kim Christensen of A Real-Life Housewife has done here. Cut cardboard to size (think shoe box tops) and store them inside one box for groan-free tree trimming.

Wreaths on a Rack

Instead of stuffing artificial wreaths in plastic tubs, keep your wreaths fresh, untangled and ready for the next season using a coat rack. Blogger Karen Way of Sew Many Ways shows how to achieve the ultimate in wreath organization with hangers, plastic bags and labeled boxes to hold wreath decorations.

DIY Holiday Ornament Box

Ornament organizers can be pricey, but not if you go this do-it-yourself route from Author and Blogger Jill Nystul of One Good Thing By Jillee. All you need is a plastic bin, red plastic cups, cardboard and a glue gun. Cut cardboard to fit inside the bin, glue on plastic cups, drop ornaments into cups and voilá! An inexpensive and clever ornament solution.

Hang It Up

Grab a see-through garment bag for this clever storage solution that keeps wrapping paper dust-free and easily accessible. This idea makes you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Good thing The Chic Site with Rachel Hollis did!

Rolling Wrapping Station

Can you guess the ordinary object that stars in this extraordinary storage idea? Inspired by a magazine, Christina Roy of 2 Little Hooligans turned a kitchen stool upside down, added caster wheels and tied on fabric bags for a truly repurposed wrapping station. Make your own with her DIY tutorial.

Decorative Wall Rack

Seems a shame to stick pretty papers and ribbon behind closed doors after the holidays. Turn your trimmings into year-round decor with this do-it-yourself wrapping paper and ribbon display from Interior Designer Alissa Ditta. Learn to make this wall rack that feels right at home in a craft room.

Bottled Bead Garland

Curtail beaded garland tangles with an everyday plastic water or soda bottle. You might think the beads would get stuck, but they easily slide out when you tip the bottle over. Got kids? This storage solution doubles as a festive noisemaker.

Easy Cart Storage

Bows, tissue paper, gift boxes, oh my! Instead of tossing these in a box (where they’ll surely get smashed), repurpose a rolling cart. Blogger Whitney Mier of This Little House of Mine chose the IKEA Raskog utility cart for her quick and easy wrapping station.

Pretty Packaging

Corral wrapping paper with this easy DIY wastebasket transformation from Crystal Sixta of My Blissful Space. A coat of spray paint gives any design-challenged trash bin a new life as a holiday organizer. Plus, this bin is portable when it’s time to wrap gifts.